Hi, I’m Jane.

I’m a personal stylist with over a decade of experience, spanning
high-end fashion editorials, runway, music videos, TV and print
advertising and more. Now, my passion is bringing that wealth of
experience into styling amazing people just like you!

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I understand that as a busy, high-powered woman, you make hundreds
of decisions each day. With my premium personal styling services, ‘what
to wear’ will no longer be one of them. Armed with an unmistakable eye
for quality, I hand-pick unique and timeless pieces tailored to your
individual taste, body type and lifestyle. I take the stress out of getting
dressed each day by creating a streamlined wardrobe filled only with
exquisite pieces you love. The result? You’ll have the peace of mind of
knowing anything you put on will make you feel confident, feminine
and empowered.


Work With Me.

How to go from the bedroom to the boardroom

You’ve probably heard the expression ‘take it from the boardroom to the bar.’ But can you take clothing from the bedroom to the boardroom?
I say YES! Yes, yes, yes! Why the heck not?



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"I’ve worked with Jane on several campaigns and editorials and she’s never been anything less than excellent. She maintains an extremely high level of professionalism and is constantly focused on the concept of creating work of the highest quality. Her years of experience and the time and effort she’s spent getting to the level she is at, definitely show."

-Levon Baird, Photographer The Artist Group