“I’m a busy mum who has too much money and not enough time! I have no time to get dressed in the morning but need to look professional at work. I HATE shopping as I just get overwhelmed. Thanks to Jane, I am now all sorted and have something to wear every day. I worked out I got 17 pieces for $xxxxx, so even including the fee, it’s a really cost-effective way to shop!”

-Penny, General Manager Finance Sector


“I met Jane around 5 years ago and she made a huge difference in my life — showing me what suited me, going through my wardrobe and giving me the confidence to wear colour. She ran a corporate event for me with some of my top female clients and was such a hit. I have recommended Jane to some of my friends and when I see them I always ask ‘Has Jane been with you?’ because they look so stunning!”

-Cath Lomax, General Manager Finance Sector